The art of performance is the most expressive means of contemporary action art, the continuation of happenings, events and other activities. It is the borderline form of fine arts, focusing directly on the creative act in a spatio-temporal situation, in real time and in a natural environment. It is an inter-medial expression connecting traditional methods of theatre, dance, music, literature, fine arts and architecture. Rooted in the contemporary relation between action and environment its emphasis is on new media: video, information and communication technologies.

Aims and Tasks:

The Performance Studio develops the abilities to combine and integrate various artistic means of expression into the complexity of an artwork. The cognition and control of the methods of presentation results in the ability to enter and intervene in reality creatively.

The first year is focused on mastering basic crafts, technical skills and knowledge.

The Aim of the BA Program is to gain an overall knowledge and experience of the breadth of the subject (in the visual, acoustic, motor, verbal and in conceptual synesthesis) with the attention on the relations between illusion and reality, technique and creativity, knowledge and intuition, the physical and the spiritual…

The Aim of the MA Program is to deepen the individual specialization and develop the student’s own creative approaches, leading to independent artistic practice. Attention is also given to dispersion of awareness in philosophical, political, economic and ecological contexts…

The Content of the PhD Program is the interdisciplinary research of “multimedia interactions in an information environment”, research of the relationship between a human being and new technologies, where the viewer-protagonist becomes the co-author of environmental changes. This viewer does not only seek solutions of single disciplines of contemporary development of media art, but he/she first of all looks for ways to integrate them into the wider general praxis of life.

The Acquired Knowledge and Skills – the Outcome:

The studio’s projects are based on independent artistic creation, which is presented primarily in galleries, museums and other public and alternative spaces. The studio aims to reach the quality of a basic experimentation process on an exclusive professional level, develops creative methods from sensation through imagination over inspiration to intuition.

Guarantor: Doc Tomas Ruller