Anna Kretschmer


„I was raised between Germany and France. I have always been in this in between of two culural behaviours.“


Media archiv:



Take a ride, 

Of imagination.

Let me browse your mind

And I will tell your approximate position.

A dark room.

Video projected on a wall.

4 loudspeakers [in each corner.]

4:08 played in loop.

On the opposite side of the projection. a screen with access to the other sounds + headphone, website with more documentation about the project and the media archive.

The journey


THE AIR SYNDROME, project performed in studio and presented during POSSIBLE FUTURES event at Prague at DivadloX.

Wet silk on skin

I breathe through a thin layer of fabric.

Water evaporates and this human sculpture lying there needs to be kept wet. The cardboard on which the water slowly drops relays even afterwards that something happened here before.

The performance can be seen in two times :

-the human body is covered by silk and water which evaporates and infiltrates the mattress. The action (water sprayed on fabric and skin) has to be rehearsed as long as this first part of the performance goes.

– For the „after part“ I just leave a note :

„THE AIR SYNDROME, wet silk on skin“

The visitor passing by is invited to imagine the human being. I might leave there some layers of fabric or just the trace of water which will necessarily disappear. I will move by myself from time to time in order to spray or some one other does it.

The air syndrome is a reference to Michelle Olley lying in a glass box unable to see and breathing through a hose. She appeared naked surrounded by butterflies when the glass breaks. Alexander McQueen investigated about the impact of incarceration and imagined this installation for VOSS spring/summer 2001.

I refer myself also to Ana Mendieta Bloody Pleasures. She leaves behind a mattress on which is blood. I don’t use body fluids and on the contrary want to be sure that everything that happened will leave no trace.

Both installations are about women who seek for a different kind of being-feminine  but there is no innocence. They are aware that they provoke fascination and attraction even though they also seem repulsive to those who expect standardised perfection.

I’m wearing a second skin which needs to be kept fresh and which “folds and blurs” my real skin. What does aging and disappearing means to us now ?

What are we willing to do and what do others see in our actions ? How do they contribute to these actions ? How do they interfere in these actions ?

Some how I think back to Micka Rottenbergs videos made by herself in which reality drives slowly into fiction. Her installations always seem to document, more then to invent, an alter-reality in which something went wrong.

How can I interfere in time ?

How can I interfere in the perception of time ?



SWEAT DREAMS, performed during one hour as a group at Vasulka Kitchen, Brno is a creation imagined by Marína Abramovič Po Sebe Neupratuje. 

A foggy ceremonial in lab outfit with live performed sound. 

Rebirth with feathers and post apocalyptic  holograms showing some one else’s identity. A reference to a sci-fi-digital world.


The performance at Malamut Festival in Ostrava was a silent almost unnoticed walk among visitors and other performers. Slowly I left backpack, shoes, cap, coat, pullover on the floor in the garden, next to an other performance happening in the same time inside, on a chair next to people drinking… Maybe the saw me, maybe they don’t. The idea was to catch their attention but only if they pay attention to their moving environment. It was also a thought about lost things, which people forget and leave behind, some one could have taken some of my belongings if he would have considered the found object as worthy.

It was also a walk of contemplation, of everything what surrounds me. I just arrived in Czech Republic and needed this first time of observation about who and what surrounds me : the people, the buildings, the post-apocalyptic garden, the lines to walk on, those on the floor and those to follow by the sight on the walls. Silent is the traveller who has to read in peoples minds in order to understand their language. 45 min during  which I walked and once established eye contact with an other performer.

I can relate as having been a living shadow.