NOAH WARSAW - Groundwork Studies

24.2.2010 od 15h, Atelier Performance 303

You will go into the desert.
The space extends to a vast hole: look down. Your body in there.
Follow a figure standing: legs bent, palms facing the head /15th century B.C., the source for the Proto-sinaitic alphabet with which the breath has been hewn./ The figure standing is the inscription of the letter H /_:/ Listen to the sound. Hold the breath. Be still. Observe the space while your diaphragm slides down under the weight of the body sucking the rivulet of air to be flown along your tongue. Taste the flow thus refine vowel confluence: _/ju:/ Sounding down the vowel fluently transmute: _ /ə, a:/ Here, you are.

In grace of beauty hew the breath.